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The confidence our clients have in us and our former experience confirm that you can be sure that Pro Team can take complete care of your goods.  

The sign represents companies Pro Team and Transport Pro Team which have specialized in forwarding and logistics, international transport and distribution as well as in performing customs and other formalities.  The biggest value of our company are people 352 experienced professionals look after your goods and with their expertize serve thousands of clients.  

provides expert consulting. 

has a possibility of finding the best solution for a client at any moment, the solution that will help his goods come to their destination quickly, safely and economically. Our car pool, favourable tariffs, prompt customs clearance and team of experts are at your disposal 24 hours a day.  

Engaging our team, you grant your confidence to the professionals and focus your energy to what you do best, which will leave you space for further development of your business.  

is one of the leaders in logistics and forwarding in Serbia and it has a vision of constant development and following of modern market streams, world standards and clients' requests.  

We have appropriate certificates and licences which represent a special guarantee of the quality of our services: ADR, IRU, IATA, FIATA. 

It would be our pleasure to meet all your expectations through joint business dealings and cooperation and become a part of the same team that will reach the expected result. 


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