River and maritime transport

The team that conquers…

ProTeam can provide to its clients timely, clear and complete information on transport possibilities. We offer the most convenient transport solution for the maritime and river transportation of large general and bulk shipments, as well as of liquid cargo to and from all maritime and river ports in the most favorable market conditions, including:

  • Ensuring adequate cargo space in the market
  • Concluding transport contracts according to client’s requirements
  • Issuing the transport document
  • Coordinating and synchronizing all the participants in the transport
  • Providing up-to-date information to the client regarding the course of the loading, transportation and unloading process
ProTeam can also organize and combine river-sea, or sea-river transport of goods, including the transshipment of goods in Constanța, Izmail, Reni, Galați, Silistra, as well as in Rotterdam, Antwerp and Dordrecht.

Rečno-pomorski transport