Status of authorized economic subject

Status of authorized economic subject

In April, Pro Team was awarded the status of authorized economic operator (AEO).

The primary benefits of the Authorized Economic Operator system are reflected, first of all, in the possibility of:

  • Simpler approval of simplified customs procedures,
  • previous announcement that the shipment will be controlled,
  • submission of a smaller data set in entry and exit summary declarations,
  • less physical and documentary checks
  • preference for shipments if selected for control and
  • choosing the place of control.

Indirect benefits are reflected primarily in the greater trust that employers have in their employees, the development of standards, the selection of suppliers, the security of investment and transport, the formation of awareness regarding the organizational infrastructure and capabilities, the cooperation between parties in the supply chain, proactive technological investments and the voluntary compliance with safety regulations.

It is recognized as safe and secure business partner.

Better relations with Customs.

Better relations and recognition by other institutions of the state administration.